Amazon Affiliate Associate Commissions Update: SHOCKING NEWS

Thought to share an update for Amazon associates that is the 2 million plus Affiliates for people who promote products on Amazon and the commission rates that are dropping drastically, that are going to change people’s lives overnight on April 21st and just with one week’s notice.

Hello associate, we hope you’re feeling well during this time. We’re writing to inform you of upcoming changes to Amazon Associates program operating agreement which governs our participation in the Amazon Associates program… 

All changes are effective as of April 21st 2020….. they say we hope you are well during this time well I don’t know how well other people going to be after this all goes down, but you go to this operating agreement and you see things like home and garden were 8% Commission Now 3% that’s a massive change for people or mostly gone 

I do have something to say about this related to why this could be a good opportunity for people, however I also want to speak to those who are drastically affected by this and say trust me I know what it’s like to lose something. I lost my ability to work after the car accident in 2015, not right away, but rather slowly. The worst part was that 2 years prior to that I lost my wife to CC (cancer) and became a single parent in 2013.

One thing led to another and another and another, and now my son helps me, he’s running a business, and I am… well his dad lol, I should say running more than one business. Opportunities are endless.

I didn’t know what to do next, thankfully, while it took a while, I found new opportunities and I’ll talk more about some of those things a little bit later on.

I’m not going to spend a ton of time on these changes, talking about Jeff Bezos and Amazon. I am sure you can find them yourself, if you’d like to let out your frustrations.

My son did run Amazon store since 2016 for me, while still in the school, and… in 2017 he ran it as part of the school Co-op program while in his last year, heck yeh, before graduating that same year. He would go to school for 2 classes, come home, eat perhaps lol… or not and work on the store. I would create the assignments, my son would fill them in and I would sign up on their completion. The teacher from school would come and check all the paperwork. We maintained 5 star feedback on all our products, and I say, that was prolly the hardest part. FYI, we do not run Amazon store at this time, as we are working towards launching a few new products of our own, that are already selling plus new sites, that we will talk later on this blog. And maybe will go on cross promotion with other partners. Who knows it might be you. You Never Know What You Don’t Know.

I’ve been in affiliate marketing for over a few years now. Tho Amazon was not the major part of my affiliate income streams, there are direct alternatives to Amazon. 

I will introduce you to some of them here and I hope this will help or at least provides a beacon of inspiration amongst this dark time that was already dark and now it’s darker for some, because your businesses are affected now.

There are many posts about this already or being posted as we speak, and everyone has its flavour, so to speak, depending on the author’ experience and such.

I have seen some affiliates revenue has been crushed by Amazon changes by as much as 60%. By the way, it is not the first time Amazon has made changes to their program that’s affecting other people’s lives who built their business on this platform, for example in 2017 new rates that made bloggers very panicked.

Let’s just get into alternatives. 

Target affiliate, yes Target does have an affiliate program if you go to https://affiliate.target.com/ you can sign up there. I’m not exactly sure what the approval process is however their commission rates upto 8%, their cookies are good for 7 day hah. Target is  a trusted platform, tho click thru rates may not be as good as your Amazon, but hey… one step at time.

Next up we have Walmart and what excites me about Walmart is they are stepping up to compete with Amazon in terms of Home deliveries, in fact during a crisis you can find some items that Amazon doesn’t ship due to pandemic, while Walmart is. How’s that for competition. The heat is on. They may not be a quick as Amazon, but you can get the things done, right?

https://affiliates.walmart.com/#!/ hah, not the best URL structure, hey, we can fix it for you, Walmart!  

The commission is up to 4% referral and 3 days referral period. Well 3 days is actually better than 24 hours which was Amazon’s referral. Scroll down to find the Agreement and pay outs according to the categories. Nothing for Apple and other products. Please check for yourself.

BestBuy It’s a little bit tough here and percentage on all sorts of products a whopping 0.5%. That might not suffice for electronic products.

I have a favorite for electronics and that’s B&H Photo is an amazing Company stationed in New York that have a really great affiliate program. I think a little bit harder to get into, but if you provide some volume for a certain things you might be able to get access to it and you can earn up to 8%. I love the store and have been there many times. I am a phone junky, still have my Nokia 950XL, bought a few from B&H Photo, but never became an affiliate.

So If you are into photo video and audio kind of things,then check out B&H.

In addition to B&H Photo, we have places like Adorama which is very similar computer, video, audio, home, electronics, musical instruments, drones and Sport, with 2% base commission, over $500 average order value, 30-day cookie, and again I am not a member of this affiliate programs, so I can’t speak to the experience

Another avenue is, you can go directly to the manufacturer or product creator for larger companies, however the commission won’t be as huge. And I hope I am wrong, never done it myself. Takes a little bit of persuasion and ingenuity to find those diamonds.

Here is another alternative: a software for example let’s say Teachable 

I am not an affiliate again lol. Some of my teachers are on platform and have their own courses, not me …yet. Some courses creators have affiliate programs and will allow you to be their affiliate. 

Not all products have a high commission, but are better than Amazon many times over. 

With Teachable affiliate you will get a check with up 30% commissions and 90-day cokie. And there other platforms like Teachable.

For those of you who mostly do physical products would be surprised to know that digital products like software rate anywhere between 10 to 50, I’ve even seen upwards of 80 to 85%. And in one case I actually saw a 100% commission. 

Why would a person do that, because they know they’re going to sell them other things afterwards so it’s almost like an old days Columbia House – to pay the affiliate to bring that lead in to sell something else after. I have bought tons from Columbia House. But the first ones were free. Anyone else here remember it? That was in the last century – true and nothing but the truth. I was into music, CDs that is…was lol, Napster, anyone, anyone…

Also, you might look up the words “referral program” or “partnership program” – these are other terms that companies use,  that you potentially could reach out to. And say: Hey you have partner program or referral program? A lot of people don’t know what affiliate means.

Sometimes companies are not public about it on their website and you need to ask them if they have partner/referral program.That’s all it takes is asking.

Skillshare – you can get $10 for every new customer you refer to skillshare. Looks like they are running special – two free months. I am not affiliate again, dang.

Advertiser – reach out to them and see if something gets you interested.

Google: “Home Furniture affiliate” and you will see tons of options for you to choose from, or not to choose lo. You will find many sites with affiliate programs reviews.

Another one comes to mind, if you are a creative dude or dudette, you can create a course to sell or consult, or teach something that you are an expert on. Maybe that’s where we can help and promote your skills via publications with PR(press release) or make you a featured author. That aside for now

Or say for example you build an email list, create a group knitters…, crochet. Sorry, haha, I used to fix old days knitting machines for my wife, going back to 60-s, 70-s and 80-s(the youngest) lol. Knitting machine going back to 60-s etc not me lol. Even made weigh rods that could be connected to any length(reasonable length of course), if any one of you may know or remember what it is and used poor man patent technique – FedEx or UPS it to yourself, but never ever open it up. Sold them on EBAY those days. Custom built table for Bond(pos) machine(few lengths connected) to knit blankets. It was awesome…after spending aligning table.

You have to wake up and smell that coffee. It is an amazing audience out there, go and help them to help you.

Kickstarter, for example you might get some funding earlier than later and you can have it developed, find a partner etc. It might be actually a huge blessing in disguise for a lot of people, who were quite devastated about these changes. Maybe, just maybe while still doing Amazon build something else and more and more of something else, what you’re good at. 

Relying on one platform, that you do not control is a disaster in the making, imo.

Hopefully this is also going to encourage you to look for other ways to diversify your income.

Whether it’s looking for these other affiliate programs and getting a mix of them or perhaps looking into how you might promote software versus physical products, how you should potentially build an email list, or maybe you can create your own products down the road, maybe some courses, that you can offer to your students as well.

There are way more money making opportunities than just Amazon Associates alone and  business diversification is the key.    

We are ourselves in marketing and public relations niche, plus invested fully in physical products of our own with great company here in Texas. All these eventual business ups and downs and lead us to where we are now, have been triggered by unfortunate events(as mentioned earlier in this post) if you believe it. 

Hopefully this post provides some help to you and your family, and I am sure this can be an opportunity for you to dig a little deeper into how you can create something.

As for me/us, we are overcoming our hurdles too. We just launched our products on Sears marketplace at an introductory price. It is Nano hemp CBD(read more here), yeah, I am in to it, because of my car accident in 2015. Currently I am off all OTC and UTC(Prescription) meds. The strongest med out of 4 was on nabilone – no fun. Another one was Gabapentin at 1800 3x a day I started to gain weight. Noo fun. We were affiliate first for this product, and a few months ago we invested into business and now distribute it to bring relief to one person at a time. We do look for affiliates with 15% payout, and white label( you distribute it or we DFY). Drop us a line with any questions you may have. 

FYI, there will be a Press Release coming out tomorrow or Tuesday re our sale on Sears marketplace and it will be posted here on this blog site.

Sign up for our future updates.

PS. For the book lovers Bookshop.org has affiliate program with 10% commission.

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