Young Digital Marketer Launches Blog That Focuses on Healthy Living

Alexander Velitchko, co-founder and owner of Triple Agent Digital Media Inc., announces the launch of vulner-able, a blog focused on healthy eating and hemp for health. Alexander envisions this project as a way to promote esoteric ideas for healthy living.

A self-described “marketer by day…baker by night,” Alexander has learned, over the years, how to enjoy the tastiest foods on a very restrictive diet. After having an allergic reaction to wheat as a toddler, he went on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Having been on this diet for over fifteen years, Alexander — who’s shared his message on the same stage as Martha Stewart, Ice-T and Coco at Carnegie Hall; on the same stage as Suzanne Somers and Caitlyn Jenner at the Harvard Club of Boston; at NASDAQ, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, and even at West Point — has learned how to create culinary dishes that are both diet-friendly and delicious. Many of the recipes he has enjoyed over the years will be showcased on the vulner-able blog.

vulner-able.com & Long Live The Hemp

Alexander Vee and his dad have also partnered with bio-nutraceutical scientists to create Long Live The Hemp (longlivethehemp.com), the only hemp product of its kind. Long Live The Hemp is 100% organic and contains zero THC, which means it has no psychoactive substances. Because the product is made of true nanoparticles and is not simply nano-enhanced or nano-emulsified, it is twenty times more easily absorbed by the human body as opposed to conventional CBD and hemp-derived CBD oils. This hemp supplement is also 100% water-soluble and can be added to beverages.

Long Live The Hemp is whole-spectrum industrial hemp extract as designated by the FDA – “whole-spectrum” (a.k.a. “broad spectrum” or “full spectrum”) meaning the extract is not only CBD, it also contains the other essential terpenes of the industrial hemp plant, giving it additional health benefits. In a whole-spectrum product, the CBD and all the compounds of the hemp plant combine synergistically to multiply the effect. This is known as the “entourage effect.”

A Brief Story of Long Live The Hemp

Long Live The Hemp came about as a result of Alexander’s dad’s search for a fast-acting, effective CBD product. In 2015, he was involved in a car accident that seriously affected his health. Pain, anxiety, and severe muscle cramps led him to turn to CBD oil for relief. He tried products from six different CBD providers, but he still was not seeing the results he had hoped for.

After doing some research, Alexander’s dad learned that the human body can only absorb a maximum of 5-15% of regular CBD oil. The particles are too large to pass the blood-brain barrier, and the body can’t break them down to be more bioavailable. However, he also discovered that nano-sized hemp extract allows for significantly more absorption and typically takes effect in only a few minutes. Then, in September 2019, he tried a first-of-its-kind nano-sized (nanoized) hemp extract. This is where his adventure began. After using this hemp extract, he experienced several nights of good sleep. He also noticed the benefits of the nano-sized formulation almost immediately; the six other brands he tried took at least an hour to hour and a half to give him relief.

This half-year-long adventure is the genesis of what Long Live The Hemp now offers to the public, distributors, and affiliates.

Long Live The Hemp Nanoparticles vs Liposomes

The vulner-able blog was the perfect opportunity to couple Alexander’s passion for healthy eating with his dad’s passion for nano-sized hemp particles. This pairing will enable blog readers to take advantage of resources that will help them cultivate a healthy, thriving lifestyle. In addition, the Long Live The Hemp partnership will allow vulner-able to offer exclusive discounts on hemp supplements as a gift to readers.

Long Live The Hemp is launching with Dutch Nutrient, its highest-concentration line of supplements, with 200 mg/ml of bioavailable hemp nanoparticles. The Dutch Nutrient formulation is available in 30ml (1 fl. oz) bottles and is on sale at an introductory price of $159.00 with free shipping anywhere in the continental United States.

Dutch Nutrient is available for sale on longlivethehemp.com, on Long Live The Hemp’s Etsy store, and on its affiliated brand franny4u.org.


vulner-able is a lifestyle blog that focuses on promoting healthy living through nutritional eating and nanoparticulate hemp for health. The blog shares tasty, gourmet gluten-free recipes as well as exploring the myths and secrets of the numerous products in today’s medicinal cannabis and hemp industry.


For more information about gluten-free recipes and hemp nanoparticles for health, visit the blog at https://vulner-able.com.

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. LONG LIVE THE HEMP products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. As with any dietary supplement, before taking any LONG LIVE THE HEMP supplements, we recommend consulting your healthcare provider for professional advice.